Our Coffee

Life is too short to drink bad coffee!! That’s why we are committed to serving premium coffee and espresso-based beverages.

Sourcing locally roasted coffee is key to maintaining freshness, quality and consistency in every cup. We are pleased to carry coffees from Barocco Coffee Company. Utilizing traditional coffee roasting methods developed in Italy at the turn of the century, Barocco Coffee Company creates artisanal coffees, striking a balance between past traditions and today’s latest technological advances. The result is a delicious, rich coffee experience.

We also carry a large selection of caffeinated and caffeine-free loose leaf teas from Pluck Tea. If you are looking for caffeine-free beverages, we have a number of options including hot chocolate, tea lattes, turmeric latte, rooibos chai latte, and more. Ask your barista for more details in store.